Beginners Guide On PHP Programming: Quick And Easy Guide To Learn PHP With My-SQL

The Book - Beginners Guide On PHP Programming is written by James P. Long. This book includes all the basics of PHP, functions, classes, objects, databases used in PHP programming. With this book you can learn professional PHP style, best practices, MY-SQL databases, HTML Forms, PHP graphics and good programming habits. You can become a good PHP programmer by going through this book. Book also contains basic programs written in PHP programming language. Everything is explained with syntax and suitable examples in the book. There are around 30 commonly used programs at the end of the book. In this book you will find: Introduction to PHP Installing PHP PHP basics data types PHP variables PHP operators PHP statements PHP loops PHP objects Declaring properties PHP arrays PHP strings PHP graphics Basic drawing functions PHP functions PHP constants PHP html form PHP date/time functions PHP and mysql database Using paging through PHP PHP programs with output

Author: James P. Long

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