Best PHP Books

Building on SugarCRM: Creating Applications the Easy Way

In the crowded field of customer relationship management (CRM) systems, SugarCRM stands out—not only for its modular design, but also for the ease with which you can develop, customize, and extend your CRM applications. This concise book provides a thorough overview of the development tools and APIs available in SugarCRM 6.2, showing both developers and nondevelopers alike how …

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Introducing Microsoft WebMatrix

Your first look at the easy-to-use tools for building your own data-driven website Get a running start with Microsoft WebMatrix—the free, downloadable web development solution featuring all the tools you need for server-side programming. This practical book introduces the templates, helper libraries, and other tools in WebMatrix for building and customizing a data-driven site—including techniques for adding video, …

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CodeIgniter 2 Cookbook

As a PHP developer, you may have wondered how much difference the Codeigniter framework might make when creating web applications. Now you can find out with a host of customizable recipes ready to insert into your own work. Overview Customizable code that can be used in your own applications right away Recipes that will help you solve …

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How to Learn Php, MySQL and JavaScript Quickly (for Dummies)!

How to Learn PHP, MySQL and Javascript Quickly (For Dummies)! With websites becoming an integral part of businesses across the globe PHP, MySQL and JavaScript are the most powerful tools highly preferred for the development of dynamic and robust websites or web applications. Knowing the tools to be essential programming languages, PHP and MySQL offer an …

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MySQL/PHP Database Applications (Professional Mindware)

More businesses and ambitious individuals are trying to bring applications to the Web but they are bewildered with the array of components and concepts needed to create a data-driven site. The cost, stability and ease of development using the Open Source PHP 4 scripting language and a MySQL database makes this combination the best choice for small and …

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PHP MySQL: Interview Exam, Certification Exam, 100 Questions & Answers

About this book: This book includes 100 PHP MySQL questions and answers, which can help you: Pass the interview exam Pass the engineer certification exam Pass the college exam Pass all PHP MySQL programming language exams Table of Contents PHP MYSQL 100 Questions & Answers 100 Questions 100 Answers Appendix PHP MYSQL Reference What is PHP? Comments PHP Reserved Words Variables Data Types Escaping Characters Functions Function with Arguments Variable Scope Multiple Arguments Conditional Operator Arithmetical Operators Logical Operators Assignment Operators Comparison Operators If …

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