Building a Web Application with PHP and MariaDB: A Reference Guide

Build fast, secure, and interactive web applications using this comprehensive guideAbout This Book Learn how to construct scalable and secure web applications Utilize PHP and MariaDB to architect and create data-driven web applications Numerous real-time scenarios have been implemented as examples that will lead to a better understanding of how web applications are handled Who This Book Is ForIf you are a developer who wants to use PHP and MariaDB to build web applications, this book is ideal for you. Beginners can use this book to start with the basics and learn how to build and host web applications. Seasoned PHP Developers can use this book to get familiar with the new features of PHP 5.4 and 5.5, unit testing, caching, security, and performance optimization.What You Will Learn Grasp basic as well as advanced programming techniques with PHP and MariaDB Perform CRUD operations, aggregations, filtering, and joins Execute DDL operations and work with stored procedures, stored routines, and triggers Employ concepts of object-oriented programming in PHP Get acquainted with the latest features offered by PHP 5.4 and 5.5 Work with unit testing Conduct file operations and logging with PHP Implement authentication and ACLs Improve performance optimization and security In DetailStarting with a quick refresher of the PHP language and MariaDB database, readers will explore concepts such as unit testing, session authentication and management, permissions engine, caching, security, and performance optimization. Building a Web Application with PHP and MariaDB: A Reference Guide begins with basic and advanced programming techniques in both PHP and MariaDB, followed by specialized operations such as working with files and directories. Next, you will be introduced to the concept of REST, and how principles of REST are applied to host XML and JSON feeds for others to consume. This book will show readers how to build a web application that will be an online book store. This would leverage a logging system that keeps a track of the activity that is going on in the application.This book will help a beginner to learn the basics of object-oriented programming with PHP and help a seasoned expert to understand the intricacies of securing and speeding up their web applications.

Author: Sai Srinivas Sriparasa

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