Building the Realtime User Experience: Creating Immersive and Interactive Websites

The Web is increasingly happening in realtime. With websites such as Facebook and Twitter leading the way, users are coming to expect that all sites should serve content as it occurs—on smartphones as well as computers. This book shows you how to build realtime user experiences by adding chat, streaming content, and including more features on your site one piece at a time, without making big changes to the existing infrastructure. You'll also learn how to serve realtime content beyond the browser.Throughout the book are many practical JavaScript and Python examples for advanced web developers that you can use on your site now. And in the final chapter, you'll build a location-aware game that combines all of the technologies discussed.Use the latest realtime syndication technology, including PubSubHubbubBuild dynamic widgets on your homepage to show realtime updates from several sourcesLearn how to use long polling to "push" content from your server to browsersCreate an application using the Tornado web server that makes sense of massive amounts of streaming contentUnderstand the unique requirements for setting up a basic chat serviceUse IM and SMS to enable users to interact with your site outside of a web browserImplement custom analytics to measure engagement in realtime

Author: Ted Roden

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