Concepts of Database Management

Ensure students gain a thorough, applied understanding of critical database issues with Starks/Pratt/Last's CONCEPTS OF DATABASE MANAGEMENT, 9E. Real-world cases, examples and screenshots in this concise presentation help clarify database design, data integrity, normalization, concurrent updates, data security, and big data. Completely updated to SQL Server 2016, Microsoft Access 2016, and Office 365 standards, this edition explores SQL in a database-neutral environment while addressing E-R diagrams, normalization, and database design. Detailed coverage presents the relational model (including QBE and SQL), normalization and views, database administration and management. The book also examines advanced topics such as distributed databases, data warehouses, stored procedures, triggers, data macros, and Web Apps. This database introduction is ideal for a variety of disciplines.

Author: Joy L. Starks

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