Hacking: Beginner’s Crash Course To Computer Hacking (How to Hack, Penetration Testing, Basic Security)

HACKING BEGINNER'S CRASH COURSE TO COMPUTER HACKING A computer has helped and ease many tasks at our business premises and homes. With the access of website through this device, we are able to access and perform a various task that could have taken much of our time. Unfortunately, security emerges to be one of the major problems when it comes to performing this tasks in an organization or your own personal undertakings. Security is one of the key issues to having success in your projects. Whereas we have good (ethical) and bad (immoral) hackers, performing a hacking process can be successful as long you have the basic knowledge of hacking and the hacking performing tools. This is a well-documented and illustrated book with how to perform any hacking process to a given computer device such as a laptop. It will teach you how to hack any computer and what you can do to prevent these attacks. As a beginner to computer hacking, you will be taken through all the tricks and techniques used during computer hacking procedure. You’ll learn how to select a target, how to perform an attack, what tools are needed and how to use them, and how to protect against these attacks. Here is a preview of what you'll learn: Computer hacking overview.Ethical hacking.Hacking tools for gaining targeted information.Best tools for smart hackers.Attacks on computer.

Author: James Clark

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