Hacking: The Ultimate Beginners Guide to the World of Hacking

In the world of information technology (IT), hacking is the manipulation of the normal behavior of network connections, systems and computer software. A hacker is one who breaks passwords and codes to gain unauthorized entry into computer systems. Hacking is typically associated with malicious attacks on the Internet and private networks. To become a full-time professional ethical hacker, you must learn the inner workings of computers and networks. You must know software development from an inside perspective. You must also be able to get inside of the minds of Black Hats and understand their drives and motivations. This book is the blueprint that will provide you with all the appropriate hacking strategies and additionally the overall methodology of the discipline to be comfortable in the art of hacking. In this book you with have an introduction to the world of hacking. You now have enough information to access the necessary tools, build your virtual hacking box, and begin learning the art and science of hacking.

Author: Malcolm Schwartz

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