Heroku Cookbook

Over 70 step-by-step recipes to solve the challenges of administering and scaling a real-world production web application on HerokuAbout This BookMake use of popular open-source projects that you'll learn to deploy and administer step-by-stepLearn to effectively scale web applications while maintaining peak performance and reducing costsGet work done fast; packed with straight and to the point solutions to real-world problems that every Heroku user facesWho This Book Is ForThis book is intended for developers who want to learn what it takes to deploy and manage production level applications on Heroku. You may have already deployed applications to Heroku or may be entirely new to the platform. This book will get you up to speed quickly with all the knowledge needed to run real-world web applications on Heroku. When using the recipes in this book, it would be helpful to have some prior experience of working with Git and command line applications.What You Will Learn Administer and debug any Heroku application Comfortably deploy any type of web application Master the Heroku command-line interface (CLI) Identify and eliminate bottlenecks from your apps' performance Load test and monitor application performance Take full advantage of the Heroku add-on marketplace Set up a deployment pipeline to get applications from development to production quickly In DetailHeroku is a Platform as a Service that enables developers to rapidly deploy and scale their web applications. Heroku is designed for developer happiness, freeing developers from doing system administrative tasks such as configuring servers and setting up load balancers. Developers are able to focus on what they do best, building web applications, while leaving the details of deployment and scaling to the experts at Heroku.This practical guide is packed with step-by-step solutions to problems faced by every production-level web application hosted on Heroku. You'll quickly get comfortable with managing your Heroku applications from the command line and then learn everything you need to know to deploy and administer production-level web applications.

Author: Mike Coutermarsh

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