Learn PHP Programming by Examples

Want to build an interactive website using PHP with MySql or Oracle database? This book is for you, even if you are new to computer programming. In this book, you will learn general concepts that are essential for any programming language and find practical solutions that can be used for your own website without modification. Code examples are downloadable from my website, and include image gallery, uploading files, sending email, displaying and resizing images. The complete website source code (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP) with user registration and comments is included in demosite.zip as a free bonus. You can visit it at www.new-trip.com. PHP is a server side scripting language, which is executed on a web server and sends HTML page to the browser. I included instructions for installation of Apache web server, PHP, MySQL database and phpMyAdmin script that is used for administration of MySQL database. This book provides many tips for using MySQL and the Oracle database. It also contains SQL statement for creating tables, select, insert, update and delete SQL queries, commands to manage MySQL and Oracle database. It includes 120 screen shots. I have 8 years of experience developing PHP web applications with MySQL and Oracle database. This knowledge, combined together with 11 years of teaching experience, makes me confident that this book will help you to understand computer programming and provide you with a solid base to continue learning.

Author: Sergey Skudaev

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