Learning Yii Testing

Embrace 360-degree testing on your Yii 2 projects using Codeception About This BookLearn all about testing with an in-depth analysis of software architecture and modern testing technologies.Boost your testing knowledge and apply it to real-world scenarios through practical examples and behind the scenes knowledgeDevelop your applications using a test-first approach making full use of Codeception and Yii 2.Who This Book Is ForDevelopers who have a solid pre-existing knowledge of Yii's core concepts will find this book an ideal introduction to learning to write tests using Yii 2's tools. You'll learn to create faster and more reliable applications with less time and effort.What You Will Learn Understand what testing is, why you need it, and what it encompasses Explore testing using all the features and improvements made available with Yii 2 Embrace the Codeception testing framework and exploit its potential Carefully manage the scope of tests according to the application you're writing Write PHPUnit tests using the full range of its capabilities Script functional tests and test REST interfaces Write acceptance tests and make the best use of existing frameworks such as Selenium Discover how to abstract the knowledge you've learned and apply it to any situation In DetailTesting your application often and early is a key consideration in modern web development. PHP developers using the high-performance PHP framework Yii have access to Codeception, a testing suite that provides comprehensive support for unit, functional, and acceptance tests. With Codeception, you will quickly learn how to create fast, stable applications using a test-driven development methodology. Learning Yii Testing embraces a testing-first strategy to guide you in the implementation of all possible types of tests, covering the core features of Yii 2. Starting with the nuts and bolts of testing, you'll walk through Yii 2's new functionality and improvements and learn how to begin testing with it. You'll explore the world of Codeception and gain insights into key topics such as testing in isolation and component integration tests.You'll also learn to analyze testing information and improve the quality of your code. At the end of the book, you will be able to use automation tools to reduce your testing workload.

Author: Matteo Pescarin

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