Migrating to Oracle: Expert Secrets for Migrating from MySQL and SQL Server (Oracle In Focus) (Volume 33)

One of the biggest challenges that IT departments currently face is how to migrate their non-Oracle databases to Oracle platform with limited budget, staff, and time constraints. In order to meet these needs, Oracle originally developed an excellent tool called the Oracle Migration Workbench (OMWB). As the latest and greatest enhancement to migration software, Oracle has provided the new version of migration tools along with a full development environment with the SQL Developer software with Oracle 10g and 11g database releases as the method of choice to accomplish these daunting tasks. This comprehensive guide to these new Oracle migration tools will be valuable to all database professionals who are challenged with the task of migrating their non-Oracle databases to the Oracle 10g and 11g platforms. This text will provide the blueprint and implementation details as well as expert hands-on tips and techniques on how to use this new migration tool to quickly migrate non-Oracle databases to the Oracle 10g database environment. Topics will include a detailed discussion of these tools including coverage of both SQL Developer and the Oracle Migration Workbench installation and configuration process, techniques on how to best use the editors for parsing non-Oracle SQL and stored procedures to map to the Oracle SQL and PL/SQL code, problem resolution and troubleshooting during the migration process, and testing procedures after the initial migration has been completed. This book distills the very complex and technical challenges of how to best migrate your non-Oracle database into an easily digested format with clear step by step techniques that all database professionals can implement right away.

Author: Ben Prusinski

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