MySQL 8 Cookbook: Over 150 recipes for high-performance database querying and administration

Design and administer enterprise-grade MySQL 8 solutionsKey FeaturesStore, retrieve, and manipulate your data using the latest MySQL 8 featuresPractical recipes on effective administration in MySQL, with a focus on security, performance tuning, troubleshooting, and moreContains tips, tricks, and best practices for designing, developing, and administering your MySQL 8 database solution without any hassleBook DescriptionMySQL is one of the most popular and widely used relational databases in the World today. The recently released MySQL 8 version promises to be better and more efficient than ever before.This book contains everything you need to know to be the go-to person in your organization when it comes to MySQL. Starting with a quick installation and configuration of your MySQL instance, the book quickly jumps into the querying aspects of MySQL. It shows you the newest improvements in MySQL 8 and gives you hands-on experience in managing high-transaction and real-time datasets. If you've already worked with MySQL before and are looking to migrate your application to MySQL 8, this book will also show you how to do that. The book also contains recipes on efficient MySQL administration, with tips on effective user management, data recovery, security, database monitoring, performance tuning, troubleshooting, and more.With quick solutions to common and not-so-common problems you might encounter while working with MySQL 8, the book contains practical tips and tricks to give you the edge over others in designing, developing, and administering your database effectively.What you will learnInstall and configure your MySQL 8 instance without any hassleGet to grips with new features of MySQL 8 like CTE, Window functions and many morePerform backup tasks, recover data and set up various replication topologies for your databaseMaximize performance by using new features of MySQL 8 like descending indexes, controlling query optimizer and resource groupsLearn how to use general table space to suit the SaaS or multi-tenant applicationsAnalyze slow queries using performance schema, sys schema and third party toolsManage and monitor your MySQL instance and implement efficient performance-tuning tasksWho This Book Is ForIf you are a MySQL developer or administrator looking for quick, handy solutions to solve the most common and not-so-common problems in MySQL, this book is for you. MySQL DBAs looking to get up-to-speed with the latest MySQL 8 development and administration features will also find this book very useful. Prior knowledge of Linux and RDBMS is desirable.Table of ContentsInstallationUsing MySQLUsing MySQL (Advanced)Configuring MySQLTransactionsBinary LoggingBackupRestoring dataReplicationTable MaintenanceManaging TablespaceManaging LogsPerformance TuningSecurity

Author: Karthik Appigatla

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