MySQL High Availability: Tools for Building Robust Data Centers

Server bottlenecks and failures are a fact of life in any database deployment, but they don’t have to bring everything to a halt. This practical book explains replication, cluster, and monitoring features that can help protect your MySQL system from outages, whether it’s running on hardware, virtual machines, or in the cloud.Written by engineers who designed many of the tools covered, this book reveals undocumented or hard-to-find aspects of MySQL reliability and high availability—knowledge that’s essential for any organization using this database system. This second edition describes extensive changes to MySQL tools. Versions up to 5.5 are covered, along with several 5.6 features.Learn replication fundamentals, including use of the binary log and MySQL Replicant LibraryHandle failing components through redundancyScale out to manage read-load increases, and use data sharding to handle large databases and write-load increasesStore and replicate data on individual nodes with MySQL ClusterMonitor database activity and performance, and major operating system parametersKeep track of masters and slaves, and deal with failures and restarts, corruption, and other incidentsExamine tools including MySQL Enterprise Monitor, MySQL Utilities, and GTIDs

Author: Charles Bell

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