MySQL Replication Simplified: Easy step-by-step examples to establish, troubleshoot and monitor replication

MySQL Replication Simplified explains how the replication process works and what the benefits are. Then, it provides detailed step-by-step east to understand examples with visuals to set up a variety of replication configurations including the process of copying master to replica, making configuration changes and commands to establish replication. This book offers ways to troubleshoot, especially to interpret errors and to repair broken replication. In the end, it provides a mechanism to monitor working replication to alert on the event of replication issues. This book covers the following topics. • What is MySQL Replication • Benefits of replication • How replication process works • Replication configurations • Components of Replication system • Approach to replication • Copying master to replica • MySQL configuration parameters • Commands useful to establish replication • Setting up of replication user account • Establishing various replication configurations • Skipping SQL Errors • Experimenting with auto increment variables • Interpreting show slave status output • Understanding shows processlist • Including & excluding databases & tables in replication • Interpreting binary and relay log files using mysqlbinlog • Troubleshooting and repairing broken replication • Monitoring MySQL replication Additional information can be found at

Author: Sribatsa Das

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