PHP 7 Data Structures and Algorithms: Implement linked lists, stacks, and queues using PHP

Key FeaturesGain a complete understanding of data structures using a simple approachAnalyze algorithms and learn when you should apply each solutionExplore the true potential of functional data structuresBook DescriptionPHP has always been the the go-to language for web based application development, but there are materials and resources you can refer to to see how it works. Data structures and algorithms help you to code and execute them effectively, cutting down on processing time significantly.If you want to explore data structures and algorithms in a practical way with real-life projects, then this book is for you.The book begins by introducing you to data structures and algorithms and how to solve a problem from beginning to end using them. Once you are well aware of the basics, it covers the core aspects like arrays, listed lists, stacks and queues. It will take you through several methods of finding efficient algorithms and show you which ones you should implement in each scenario. In addition to this, you will explore the possibilities of functional data structures using PHP and go through advanced algorithms and graphs as well as dynamic programming.By the end, you will be confident enough to tackle both basic and advanced data structures, understand how they work, and know when to use them in your day-to-day workWhat you will learnGain a better understanding of PHP arrays as a basic data structure and their hidden powerGrasp how to analyze algorithmsImplement linked lists, double linked lists, stack, queues, and priority queues using PHPWork with sorting, searching, and recursive algorithmsMake use of greedy, dynamic, and pattern matching algorithmsImplement tree, heaps, and graph algorithmsApply PHP functional data structures and built-in data structures and algorithmsTable of ContentsIntroduction to Data Structures and Algorithms Understanding PHP Arrays Using Linked ListsConstructing Stacks and Queues Applying Recursive Algorithms Recursion Understanding and Implementing Trees Using Sorting AlgorithmsExploring Search Options Putting Graphs Into Action Understanding and Using Heaps Solve Problems with Advanced Techniques PHP's built-in support for Data structures and Algorithms Using Functional Data structures

Author: Mizanur Rahman

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