PHP and MySQL: A Step by Step Course

PHP and MySQL Programming for Beginners A Step by Step Course From Zero to Professional This book explores the function and uses of PHP, a scripting language, and MySQL, a database management program. It begins by explaining what PHP is, how and where it is used, as well as defining and explaining the various decision making statements and loops involved in the use of PHP. After reading this book, you will know: -How to establish a Connection between your Website and MySQL database using PHP. -Various ways data can be Inserted into a MySQL table using PHP, including data which has been Specified in the PHP code and data from Text boxes. -How to Insert data into a MySQL database from Radio boxes and Check boxes. -How to Retrieve data from your database to a Web Application. -How to use Images in your Web Application, saving them to your database and Retrieving them to a Web Application. -How to adjust formatting to accommodate Page Length. With the knowledge contained in this book you will be able to work comfortably and confidently programming in PHP and MySQL. Download your copy of " PHP and MySQL Programming for Beginners " by scrolling up and clicking "Buy Now With 1-Click" button.

Author: Matthew Gimson

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