PHP Beginners Course: Understand basics of PHP / MySQL programming in 5 days

Learn the basics of PHP programming with simple and complete examples.Only one Internet-connected computer (Windows, Linux, or Mac) complete with a screen, mouse, and keyboard is necessary. There are no other prerequisites except for minor computer skills (software installation).The development environment is set up on your computer. Immediately write your first PHP script and run it in the newly set local server.You then learn how to query information and control the program flow to create dynamic web pages. You also learn how to store and retrieve information from databases or files using MySQL.This PHP course is rounded off by an insight into additional topics such as the writing of clean and safe program code.The book does not make you a professional web developer, but thanks to its practicality, it can be a faithful companion for your first experiences in the development of dynamic web pages.

Author: Klaus Thenmayer

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