Php: MYSQL in Two Hours: The beginners Choice

Learn PHP and MySQL in Two Hours*FREE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED*Take Advantage of the Chance to Learn the Easiest Programming languagesLearn PHP and MySQL in the shortest time possible. Many people today are taking an interest in programming and they are creating and developing their own websites. This is exciting because it becomes possible to always customize and change your websites as you desire. PHP and MySQL are the most popular programming languages so far. They are the easiest to learn and use and they help create amazing results. Majority of programmers these days are using PHP and MySQL; do not be left out.The secret to designing the most dynamic websites is PHP and MySQL. These are the best programming languages so far and you will benefit from learning them.Why Learn About PHP and MySQL?Web Development and Web Designing Free Programming LanguagesCreating The Best WebsitesEasy To Use Programming LanguagesThe Benefits of Open source Programs Many Programmers Use PHP and MySQLTake Control of your Websites Earn Money From Learned Skills Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...What PHP, Apache and MySQL are All AboutConfiguring ApacheConfiguring MySQLConfiguring PHPSetting Your MySQL Password Creating databases With MySQLCreating a Table with MySQLInserting Data Into a MYSQL TableModifying Stored Data Deleting Stored DataIntroduction to PHPBasic PHP SyntaxControl StructuresPublishing MySQL Data On The WebSending SQL Queries With PHPWhy You Need To Learn PHP and MySQLMuch Much More!Download your copy today!

Author: Simon Bedford

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