PHP: The Complete Guide for Beginners,Intermediate and Advanced Detailed Approach To Master PHP Programming

Discover the power of PHP as you take your web development skills to the next level. PHP is the most common programming language for server-side web development. One of the best things about this language is that it is fairly easy to learn.This Book will cover all from Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Strategies to enhance your PHP skills.Inside you will find and discover all you need:PHP: Basic Fundamental Guide for BeginnersHow you can set up your PHP environment How you can easily input PHP values for web usersLearn more about operators, expressions, arrays, and the variables in PHPDiscover the power of conditional statementsDiscover how to insert, delete, and update data in a databaseLearn how to secure your passwords in PHPHow to build a complete member registration systemPHP: A Comprehensive Intermediate Guide to Learn the Concept of PHP ProgrammingHow to use restful APIs in PHPCreate PHP GraphicsHow to read, write, append and delete files in PHPHow you can prevent hackers from intruding your siteDiscuss PHP sessions and cookiesAdvanced OOP-Classes, Methods and objectsPHP: Advanced Detailed Approach To Master PHP Programming Language for Web DevelopmentDesign patternsBuilding a great APIPHP coding stylesSmarty templatesObject-oriented programming And many more.Are you ready to launch your PHP coding skills to the next level?

Author: MG Martin

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