Plug-In PHP: 100 Power Solutions: Simple Solutions to Practical PHP Problems

Practical solutions to real-world problemsThis practical guide gives you 100 ready-to-run PHP functions for solving most of the main problems you encounter when building a dynamic website with PHP. Every plug-in in the book offers a complete and working solution for a result you can achieve right away, using ready-made code you simply drop into your own program. And there's little or no learning curve, because each one is self-contained and thoroughly documented.Packed with tips and suggestionsPlug-in PHP is packed with programming tips and suggestions for further adapting the functions to your own needs, and even breaks down all the variables, arrays and functions used by each into at-a-glance tables, accompanied by a screen grab of every function in action. This makes the book extremely easy to use, even for complete beginners to PHP programming.Real world solutionsPlug-in PHP has everything you need for:Processing textImage uploading and manipulationContent managementForms and user inputIntegrating your website with othersCreating chat and messaging servicesUsing MySQLManaging sessions and cookiesDealing with APIs; RSS; and XMLIntegrating with JavaScript and AjaxAccessing geo-locationSpell checking and language translationA great deal more...The author's personal toolkitWritten by a PHP expert with many years of experience developing websites in PHP and writing about PHP development, this invaluable resource draws on the author's personal toolkit of solutions built up over the years. This means they are fast, tried-and-tested functions that have been proven to work in the real world, and they will work for you too.

Author: Robin Nixon

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