Pro MongoDB Development

Pro MongoDB Development is about MongoDB, a NoSQL database based on the BSON (binary JSON) document model. The book discusses all aspects of using MongoDB in web applications: Java, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript are the most commonly used programming/scripting languages and the book discusses accessing MongoDB database with these languages. The book also discusses using Java EE frameworks Kundera and Spring Data with MongoDB. As NoSQL databases are commonly used with the Hadoop ecosystem the book also discusses using MongoDB with Apache Hive. Migration from other NoSQL databases (Apache Cassandra and Couchbase) and from relational databases (Oracle Database) is also discussed. What You'll Learn:How to use a Java client and MongoDB shellHow to use MongoDB with PHP, Ruby, and Node.js as wellHow to migrate Apache Cassandra tables to MongoDB documents; Couchbase to MongoDB; and transferring data between Oracle and MongoDBHow to use Kundera, Spring Data, and Spring XD with MongoDBHow to load MongoDB data into Oracle Database and integrating MongoDB with Oracle Database in Oracle Data IntegratorAudience:The target audience of the book is NoSQL database developers. Target audience includes Java, PHP and Ruby developers. The book is suitable for an intermediate level course in NoSQL database. 

Author: Deepak Vohra

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