SQL for Beginners: Learn the Structured Query Language for the Most Popular Databases including Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and Oracle

Learn Essential SQL and Database Skills Knowing how to craft SQL queries and navigate your way around a database is an essential skill if are a Database Administrator, System Administrator, or Programmer. Step-by-Step in Plain English This book guides you step-by-step by teaching you how to create databases, populate those databases with data, extract just the data you need, and much more. The book uses plain, clear, and concise language all geared to helped you learn SQL in the easiest manner possible. Here is just some of what you'll learn when you read SQL for Beginners: How to create and delete databases. How to design tables and what data types to use when. Ways to populate your database and tables with data. How to change a table after it's been created. How to extract all, or just some, of the data from a database. How to retrieve and sort data. Perform mathematical calculations using SQL such as averaging, finding the largest number in a set, and more. Format the data in a database including returning the data as all uppercase, lowercase, and more. How to write efficient SQL statements and clauses. How and why to create relationships in your databases. The difference between and inner, outer, right, and left join. How to perform SQL sub-queries. How to construct complex SQL statements using multiple clauses and operators Ways to summarize the data in your databases. And much more... Works with Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access, and Oracle. You can use the SQL queries and concepts found in SQL for Beginners work on any SQL database including SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle. Invaluable to computer programmers... All but the simplest of computer programs interact with a database. No matter what language you are using you'll eventually need to create, read, update, or delete data from a database. The queries you learn in this book work with any programming language including PHP, Python, Ruby, and more. SQL for Beginners teaches you how to successfully work with SQL databases and make use of the in your applications. Great for Students Too. If you need to learn about database programming and the SQL language for your class, this book will be a breath of fresh air and a life saver for you. The author doesn't talk over your head like many professors. You'll be taught step-by-step so you understand the structured query language and be able to pass your tests. Scroll up, click the Buy Now button to get started learning SQL today!

Author: Preston Prescott

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