The CTO’s Guide to Code Quality: PHP Edition

This is not a book about algorithms. This is not a book about architecture. This is not a book about frameworks. This is not even a book about project management, agile or otherwise.This is a book about “the other things” that are important to writing and maintaining a sustainable code base.It’s also a book about automation of parts of the programming process.If you’re a CTO, the economic case for “code quality plus automation” is already strong, and getting stronger with each new iteration of hardware.If you’re a programmer (maybe aspiring to be a CTO), it’s about being able to concentrate on the stimulating, interesting, and creative parts of the craft, and getting the tedious parts done for you.Much of the book is about the general craft of programming and helping programmers become more productive, and should be useful no matter what programming language(s) you’ve chosen.However, I find it works better to illustrate principles with examples. And this edition of the book picks examples from the PHP programming language.

Author: Mark Harrison

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