THE PHP BIBLE with over 4,500 PHP Functions inside: The PHP Function Name, Description, Return and Argument all in one place

Inside this book you will find over 4500 PHP Functions all set out in alphabetical order, with chapters for every letter of the alphabet. If you are a PHP coder of any level this book will be the best and handiest tool in your arsenal. Also for buying this Book or Ebook I will give you a special bonus where you get access to every single function in the book via an auto complete tool which I have built and password protected for my customers only.All PHP Functions are set out as follows:Name: file_existsDescription: file_exists Checks whether a file or directory existsReturns: boolArgument: string filenameName: file_get_contentsDescription: file_get_contents Reads entire file into a stringReturns: stringArgument: string filename [, bool use_include_path [, resource context [, int offset [, int maxlen]]]]Name: file_put_contentsDescription: file_put_contents Write a string to a fileReturns: intArgument: string filename, mixed data [, int flags [, resource context]]Name: fileatimeDescription: fileatime Gets last access time of fileReturns: intArgument: string filenameName: filectimeDescription: filectime Gets inode change time of fileReturns: intArgument: string filenameThis book will help you find functions you forgot existed or perhaps never knew existed at all.

Author: Michael Martin

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