Web Developer’s Cookbook

Why this book will save you development time The Web Developers Cookbook offers a comprehensive suite of over 300 ready-to-use solutions for PHP, JavaScript, and CSS - the most commonly used and most versatile open-source languages currently used for Web development. This easy-to-use hands-on guide assumes only a basic acquaintance with each of the technologies covered, with all examples in the book being extensively documented and explained, so that even novice developers will be able to understand, use, and learn from them. This practical resource contains more than 300 recipe-like examples, each with accompanying screenshots, tables of the variables, functions, arrays and classes used, and extensive explanations of how they work, and implementing them in your own web pages is simplicity itself. What you get More than 300 ready-to-use, cross-referenced recipes that provide instant, dynamic solutions for Web developers--styles, text effects, forms and validation, security, animation, audio and visual effects, and much moreExamples that are fully tested and up to date with the latest featuresExplanations for every part of each recipe in detail, accompanied by graphics, figures, tables and program listingsDownloadable files to quickly add the ready-made code snippets to your projects, saving hours of development and debugging timeFree time to spend developing the creative code that interests you, and not reinventing the wheel - making this book the ultimate time-saver for all Web developers The PHP recipes include functions for: Managing text processingImage handlingContent managementProcessing forms and user inputInteracting with the InternetProviding chat, messaging and bulletin boardsUsing MySQL, authentication and cookiesIntegrating with third party servicesIncorporating JavaScriptSupporting diverse dolutions The JavaScript recipes include functions for: Handling basic functionalityChanging location and dimensions of objectsControlling object visibilityCreating movement and animationImplementing chaining and interactionBuilding menus and managing navigationDisplaying text effectsEmbedding audio and visual effectsManipulating cookies, using Ajax, and managing securityProcessing forms and input validationProviding solutions to Common Problems The CSS recipes include classes for: Manipulating objectsControlling text and typographyMenus and navigationHandling page layoutCreating visual effectsDisplayng text and typographyInteracting with usersIncorporating JavaScriptBuilding superclasses

Author: Robin Nixon

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