WordPress Theme Development with Bootstrap: The Beginner’s Guide to Building Your Own Mobile-First Theme from Scratch

Do you want to build WordPress themes that help increase sales? Do you want to save some money while you fix or add functionalities to your WordPress website instead of hiring a developer? Or maybe you want to step up from building a Responsive website design to a Responsive Mobile-First design? Well, as a developer, you should know that optimizing a website for both users and search engines (Google and others) start from the theme design/ development. And with Google considering the mobile version of a site as the real version, you should be mindful of the approach to follow while developing your theme. In this beginner’s guide, the author explains through easy-to-follow tasks and visuals how you can deploy the proper tools to building your own WordPress theme.And with a little knowledge of HTML and CSS, you are good to go.Note: To develop a WordPress theme, basic PHP knowledge is required. Also, some simple JavaScript is included in this book. But if you don’t know PHP and/or JavaScript, it’s fine. The author explains these languages as the code is being applied to the theme.In this book, you’ll learn the following:Setting up a working environment (setting up a good text editor, MAMP server and WordPress installation).Understanding the browser inspector.Adding folders to workspaces and set up disk persistence (this will commit your CSS rules to external file automatically through the browser DevTools).Mobile first design and Bootstrap overviewMobile viewport simulationCoding the custom WordPress themeProperly including external script and stylesheet files (Bootstrap, Google fonts, CSS and JavaScript) to your project.Using font icons in your projectTranslating a WordPress theme from the primary language to another language.Validating WordPress themeThe above list can be divided into two parts. The first part is called "pre-WordPress theme development" topics because they explain what you should know before developing a WordPress theme. The second part is the main WordPress theme development.So if you like detailed writing guides, plenty of tasks to be executed, then you’ll love this book.Final Note: This book is well formatted for code listings.Buy The Beginner’s Guide to Building Your Own Mobile-First Theme to kick start your Theme development journey!

Author: Ibas Majid

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