Yii Project Blueprints

From conception to production, learn how to develop real-world applications with the Yii frameworkAbout This BookDevelop real-world web applications through easy-to-follow, step-by-step processesCreate eight projects from beginning to end to help you explore the full power of YiiBuild a fast, user-based, database-driven content management system with a dashboard and RESTful APIWho This Book Is ForThis book is for intermediate-to-advanced level Yii developers who want to master the Yii framework and develop real-world applications. You should have experience of working with Yii, PHP 5, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.What You Will Learn Organize and structure your projects from start to finish Create applications from scratch and use Gii to create models Use Yii database migrations to create database agnostic applications and manage your database changes Create secure multiuser role-based applications that use Bcrypt password hashing Integrate with third-party libraries using Composer Develop console applications that seamlessly integrate with your applications Utilize SendGrid to send and receive e-mails within your application In DetailThe Yii framework is a high-performance, fast, open source, and a rapid development PHP framework that can be used to develop modern web applications. It provides the toolkit for developing both personal projects and enterprise applications. Yii's component-based architecture lets developers build modules so that they aren't customizing the underlying code base and so that anything they build is easy to use in different projects.This book is a step-by-step guide to developing reusable real-world applications using the Yii framework. The book will guide you through several projects from the project conception through to planning your project and implementation. You will explore the key features of the framework and learn how to use it efficiently and effectively to build solid core applications that you'll be able to reuse in real-world projects. At the end of each project, you'll have a better understanding of Yii and a working application that you can use in the future.

Author: Charles R. Portwood II

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